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man kills wife at Nkondjock on womens day

WOMEN’S DAY GONE BAD: Deadly Drama at Nkondjock Village

The entire population of Nkondjock Village in the Sanaga Maritime Division of the Littoral Region of Cameroon were on March 8 2018 speechless after one of their popular women was brutally amputated by her companion.

The unfortunate woman whose name we got as Mama Bea had her arm cut off by the man she was living with. According to report, the unfortunate woman who sells Puff-puff and beans opposite the Gendarmerie post in Nkonjock was refused permission to go out with her friends on that fateful day by her lover.

As we will have it, the going out temptation was too much for her to withstand and she decided to go against all odds and disobey her Darling. It is reported that at about 11:45PM she decided it was time to go back home.

woman killed by husband in nkonjock cameroon on womens day

Little did she know that her husband was standing behind the door with a well filed machete. As Mama Bea opened the door, the wicked husband bounced on her with the machete dismembering one of her arms.

As she screamed neighbours came to her rescue and alerted the forces of Law and order who intervened and whisked the husband to the police while Mama Bea was rushed to the Hospital where she is currently responding to treatment.

The population of Nkondjock has condemned the wicked act and all forms of violence against women and girls and are calling on the Government to something to that effect.


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