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Volunteering Opportunities at My Africa Update News Platform. Don’t miss this!

If you are passionate about volunteering in Africa, then welcome on-board. My Africa Update (MAU) is a destination where career builders take a stop to discover.

If you are a young professional or amateur journalist who is passionate to grow in your profession, then MAU is a place for you. We accept applications from volunteers all over the world. This is the very first step to become a MAU reporter.

Our team is made up of experienced reporters scattered all over the world and they are passionate in working and guiding our new amateur reporters all the way to the top.

Innate values of  the MAU Volunteering Programme

Our volunteers go through a vigorous screening process based on three fundamental values:

  1. Altruistic value base

MAU volunteers must prove beyond reasonable doubt that their decision to volunteer with MAU is genuine and not anything in the line of personal or professional requirements to obtain admission or job in any school or company whatsoever.

  1. Liberty towards work in MAU Volunteering

The first part of the process towards volunteering with MAU is to measure the extent to which the would-be volunteer will be able to manage the liberty they have vis-à-vis working at MAU. It seeks to test the responsible of the volunteer in matters of their time management and workload management.

  1. Ethics of care

Volunteers of MAU are expected to demonstrate care within their various localities. They must belong or plan to belong to one or more groups that seek to better the lives of the under privilege; or they must adhere or plan to adhere to reporting for any organization that provides humanitarian help in their localities.

The Life of a volunteer at MAU

MAU volunteers are principally in charge of discovering talents in their various communities and bring them into the lamplight for those who can promote them to see and take action. Their lives revolve around those unidentified talents that are unable to eat from the works of their hands because of no exposure.

How do I become an MAU Volunteer?

All aspirants for the position of MAU Volunteer are expected to send a motivation letter and a CV to

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