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two girls killed in nkongsamba

STRANGE: 31 years old man kills his 6 months and 7 years nieces in Nkongsamba

A family in the town of Nkongsamba in the Moungo Division of the Littoral Regions is still finding it hard to believe that their 2 daughters of 6 months and 7 years have departed from this earth after both of the children were sodomized to death by Father’s Cousin (See him below) on Friday.

uncle kills2 girls in nkongsamba

The minors died later on Saturday and the 31 years old suspect is currently behind bars. Reports say the criminal drugged the female kids before his devilish act; when their parents were not at home by the moment he visited.

7 years old girl killed by uncle in nkongsamba6 months old girl killed by uncle in nkongsamba

Many inhabitants have condemned the evil act and any motivations behind it and called on the entire population to be vigilant and denounce any persons they suspect could have tendencies of committing such grievous acts.


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