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cameroon government forces teachers arrested to say everything is ok

Cameroon Government bullies striking teachers arrested to declare that everything is OK

There are fifty six engineering teachers arrested and jailed in Yaoundé this week for demanding payment of years of accumulated salaries. Access to these incarcerated teachers by their families and lawyers has been impossible.

It was only on Wednesday and Thursday that a team of the Association for the Defense of students’ rights ADEC led by its vice president Andre Bayemi succeeded to meet the jailed teachers eight of whom are women and two nursing mothers.

Andre Bayemi reveals that, Government is giving humiliating conditions which the teachers arrested must succumb to before they are released; they must accept inciting public disorder, abandoning their duty posts, accept to organize a press conference and declare they have no problem, dissolve the newly created syndicate of teachers’ trade union and recognize the old one, quit all whatsapp groups and accept their salaries are already being paid and ask for forgiveness from government.

The teachers arrested have stood on the grounds that they will never sign such conditions before they are liberated reiterating that they are fighting for their rights.

Members of the association for the defense of students’ rights have also vowed to continuously fight for the unconditional release of the fifty six teachers treated as rubbish by the government of authorities. Lawyers are already warming up to defend the teachers whose rights are grossly being violated by government hierarchies.

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