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Général Voyages Express addresses message of condolence to victims of Oct 23 accident and debunks claims that it was trying ...
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parfait ayissi scandal

CAMEROON: Shocking evidences add to the Parfait Ayissi affair

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around; another shocking evidence has added to the recent accusation meted on ...
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prince aime

CAMEROON: Now look at what Prince Aime, Cameroon artist does for a living in France

It is regrettably sad that Cameroonian Artist Prince Aime who sang the beautiful song titled Vivian is just struggling to ...
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CAMEROON: Longue Longue sheds light on his clash with Lady Ponce

In this video, Longue Longue sheds more light on the clash he has with Lady Ponce in the following Video ...
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Clarisse valerie

CAMEROON Music Industry: Something is wrong somewhere; meet famous Clarisse Wopso

The famous Cameroonian artist Clarisse Valerie who invented her own unique music brand and dance style called Wopso is no ...
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general voyages express

CAMEROON: Minister of Transport suspends General Voyages (Full Release)

The Transport Minister in Cameroon has sanctioned General Voyages and the driver involved in the accident last night along the ...
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ghastly road accident

CAMEROON: General Express in a Ghastly Road Accident at Boumnyebel

The Popular General Express Inter-urban transport Agency was yesterday night at about 10PM involved in a ghastly road accident along ...
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eseka train accident

REMEMBER ESEKA TRAIN ACCIDENT, 21 Oct 2016: May their souls Rest in Peace (VIDEO)

It is exactly one year since the Eseka Train Accident took away lives of many Cameroonians. The following video is ...
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Police Officer

Police officer displays gross misbehaviour in broad daylight (Enjoy Video)

A young police officer has shown to the whole world that he can actually kill himself because of bribe. The ...
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CAMEROON: Witchcraft in Broad Day light at Village in Douala

Many refer to Douala City in Cameroon as the number one destination for opportunities; others go as far as saying ...
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Step mother kills daughter, burns husband with hot water and disappears into thin air

Chisamba woman, Charity Banda, 30 of Fringilla compound, has burnt her husband with hot water , kills step daughter and ...
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Orange Cameroun

Relationship between CAMTEL and ORANGE Cameroun has hit the Rocks: Orange Money Service at Stake

The peaceful relationship that once  existed between CAMTEL and ORANGE Cameroun has crashed. According to a release by the General ...
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Corrupt Police Officers

Corruption Officers Track down corrupt Police Officers on duty (VIDEO)

Corrupt Police Officers who stand by the roadsides and collect money from Transporters and Private Vehicles are now being tracked ...
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stuck together

Wonders shall never end: Cheating Wife and boyfriend get stuck together during sex

The population of Njoro in Nakuru County was shocked after discovering that a young married woman and her boyfriend had ...
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Identical Twins Sisters

Strange and Sad: Two Identical Twin Sisters die on same day

Two Beautiful  identical Twin Sisters have fallen and died at the same time in their room. It is said that ...
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p square brothers

Watch P Square brothers Break up Fight Video at their Lawyer’s Office

Popular P Square brothers, Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye who have dominated the Nigerian Music Scene for more than a ...
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Davido Accused Of Using 3 Crew Members As Illuminati Human Sacrifice

Star artist Davido has come under fire over the mysterious deaths of three of his crew members. He lost one ...
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lady ponce

Longue Longue Turns his energy on Lady Ponce on Social Media (VIDEO)

Longue Longue is at it again; this time on Lady Ponce. After exposing how Fingon Tralala took his chain away ...
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Longue Longue

Longue Longue Made another Video with his new phone (VIDEO)

Wonders shall never cease to end. The mature and International music talent Longue Longue who just bought his first smart ...
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