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REGRETTABLE TRANSITION: 6th November 1982; If only he knew what he was doing (FULL VIDEO)

As it is always said: everything that has a beginning also has an end. 6th of November 1982 was the end of the reign of President Ahidjo in Cameroon. He left the Country he had struggled to build in the hands of someone he thought will pick it up for the better; some call it a regrettable transition.

Unfortunately after leaving the scene, most Cameroonians were quick to realize that the Congress of the New Deal brought in by the new man seemed to have brought into existence a terrible kind of democracy, followed by corruption, embezzlement, economic downfall, deteriorating relationship between Anglophones & Francophones and many other ills.

The direct impact was felt in households less than 10 years of Presidency of Mr Biya in many areas including low standards of living due to salary cuts, decrease infrastructural development, mismanagement of state resources, low levels of unemployment etc.

Everything seemed to go bad and very bad with the coming on board of Mr Biya; the country soon entered endless trends of debts and 10 years later, an economically flourishing country in the 70s and early 80s qualified to become a heavily indebted country.

Many economic and political pundits say President Ahidjo will shed tears if he were to come back to life and see the state of affairs in this country Cameroon; a country many say he built from scratch. They say he will as well call it a regrettable transition

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