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Cameroonian athletes go missing at the commonwealth games in Queensland

CAMEROON-Sports: 8 Athletes on mission to 2018 Commonwealth Games disappear into thin air (Photos)

Eight Cameroonian athletes have disappeared to "God knows where" in Queensland Australia. The athletes who went to Queensland to represent ...
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ayah paul abine on the anglophone war

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: “THE ANGLOPHONE WAR” by Ayah Paul Abine

One of the main queries directed against my famous post about prisoners of war was whether Mr. President did declare ...
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martin mbarga nguele delegate of national security

CAMEROON-Operation Sparrow Hawk: More than 40 state agents barred from leaving the country

The Delegate General of National Security  Martin Mbarga Nguele also known as the sparrow itself is still making moves in the air looking ...
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political happenings

CAMEROON-Politics: Follow all recent Political happenings in Cameroon and beyond (Full report)

Political happenings that have marked this week all treated in this report. The Senatorial Elections official results and others. Follow ...
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fongo tongo

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: Anglophone crisis extends to Fongo-Tongo of the West Region

Inhabitants of Fongo-Tongo a locality in Menoua Division of the west region of Cameroon have deserted their homes to safer ...
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pidgin news debate

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: A must watch Pidgin News Debate on Equinoxe TV

Follow the breathtaking pidgin news debate on Equinoxe with Massa Ambassador. All you need to know on the Anglophone crisis ...
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mancho bibixy et al anglophone crisis

CAMEROON-Anglophone crisis: Mancho Bibixy et al were at the Military Tribunal in Yaounde

Mancho Bibixy and other detainees of the Anglophone crisis today made themselves available at the Military tribunal in Yaounde capital ...
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kumba SDO attack

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: SDO’s residence attack leaves one person dead in Kumba

One person has been confirmed dead following yesterday's early morning attack at the residence of the Senior Divisional Officer. Follow ...
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abdoulai babale presents senatorial elections data

CAMEROON-Politics: Abdoulai Babale provides revised data of Sunday’s Senatorial Elections

The director General of Elections Cameroon Abdoulai Babale presented a revised data of Sunday's senatorial elections. This was during a ...
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brutal gendarmes beat taxi driver to death

Cameroon – Yaounde: Brutal Gendarmes beat helpless Taxi Driver to death

A taxi driver Charles Mvondo Ngah was beaten to death at the Ngousso neighborhood in Yaounde due to some misunderstandings ...
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