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operation sparrow hawk in cameroon, 20 people banned from leaving the country

Operation Sparrow Hawk: More than 20 rascals banned from leaving Cameroon (Consult List)

Following the operation sparrow hawk presently going on in Cameroon, more then twenty rascals suspected of corruption have been listed ...
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ivo leke tambo lebialem

Anglophone Crisis: Deadly Film show at Lebialem over the Weekend (Full Report)

Lebialem witnessed what can only be described as a film show over the weekend. The Registrar of the GCE board ...
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minister paul tasong house burnt down

ANGLOPHONE CRISIS: Unknown Men Burn Down Minister Paul Tasong ‘s House.

Unknown men have burnt down the residence of Minister Paul Tasong just appointed Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, ...
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cameroonian refugees in nigeria

The disturbing situation of Anglophone Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria

The situation of Anglophone Cameroonians who are in Nigeria is deplorable by the day. The Ayah Foundation on their visit ...
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common wealth

Something is cooking in London; “Ambazonians” storm Common Wealth Ceremony

It happened on Common Wealth Day 12th of March 2018 in London. As Common Member Countries' representatives were streaming into ...
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Edith Kah Wallah of CPP throws punches at Paul Biya’s Regime following Friday’s March

The Cameroon People's Party Boss Edith Kah Walla has  not stopped throwing punches at the reaction of the regime following ...
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two girls killed in nkongsamba

STRANGE: 31 years old man kills his 6 months and 7 years nieces in Nkongsamba

A family in the town of Nkongsamba in the Moungo Division of the Littoral Regions is still finding it hard ...
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CPP women arrested during march pass

The CPP Women ‘s March that has shaken Paul Biya (Details Here)

The women of the Cameroon People's Party CPP yesterday took to the streets to protest against bad governance and bad ...
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paul atanga nji

ANGLOPHONE CRISIS: Atangana Nji Paul may be running faster than his shadow

Many have described the newly appointed Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul as running faster than his shadow regarding ...
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Governor Lele Lafrique call on collaboration from batibo people

Lele Lafrique puts North West in a disturbing Situation (See Release)

The Governor of the North West Region Adolf Lele Lafrique has again put the inhabitants of the North West Region ...
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antanga nji paul release to administrators

Atanga Nji Paul Puts D.Os, S.D.Os and Governors on a hot seat (See Release)

Atanga Nji Paul, the newly appointed Minister of Territorial Administration has instructed his Divisional Officers, Senior Divisional Officers and Governors ...
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CAMEROON: Members of the Constitutional Council to be sworn in today

Members of Cameroon's constitutional council led by Clement Atangana as President will be officially sworn into office in a joint ...
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paul atanga nji

Atanga Nji, rewarded for denying existence of Anglophone crisis?

A staunch and fervent ally of Paul Biya over the decades, Paul Atanga Nji has been handed the herculean task ...
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cameroon government forces teachers arrested to say everything is ok

Cameroon Government bullies striking teachers arrested to declare that everything is OK

There are fifty six engineering teachers arrested and jailed in Yaoundé this week for demanding payment of years of accumulated ...
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fru ndi residence attacked by ambazonian defence forces

Five suspects arrested in connection to Fru Ndi Residence attack (The whole Story A-Z)

5 persons suspected of masterminding the fire disaster that happened at the Social Democratic Front Party Chairman’s Residence last night ...
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several teachers arrested in yaounde after strike

Several Teachers who took to the streets yesterday in Yaounde arrested (Full story and more)

Several Teachers yesterday who took to the streets yesterday in the Political capital of the country protesting against several months ...
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france 24 gives disturbing reports about paul biya

CRACK DOWN ON PAUL BIYA: Disturbing reports from France 24 and TV5 Monde

The two renowned International Television Stations, France 24 and TV5 Monde seem to have launched a crack down on Paul ...
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regional delegate kidnapped in batibo, car burnt

Another Government Official Kidnapped in Batibo North West Region (Detailed Story)

Another administrative authority in Batibo North West region of the Country has been kidnapped. Mr ANIMBOM Aron AKIABOM North West ...
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North West Governor Adolf

North West Governor extends Curfew in the North West Region (Read Details)

The North West Governor Adolf Lele L'Afrique has again extended the curfew in the North West region of the Country ...
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