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CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: churches burned, grandmother burned to death at home, civilians shot and Mungo Ndor village besieged by the army

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 the Cameroonian military attacked and burned several homes in Mungo Ndor, a small village located about 40km away from Nguti in Koupé-Manengouba. Ms. Egbe Maria Ndonge, well known as Mami Maria was burned to death in her house, while she was asleep.

Residents of the village confirmed that local churches have been burned.

We have received reports of 6 civilians shot and reports of killings of civilians in the village. Intentionally killing civilians and destroying civilian property constitute war crimes and this should be thoroughly investigated.

The village has been besieged by the army, villages are not allowed to move in or out, with hundreds hiding in the forest for safety.

We call on the government to allow journalists and human rights organisations have access to these regions.

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa strongly condemns killings and burning of civilian property by the Cameroonian military.

Agbor Balla

—CENTRE for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa

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