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issa tchiroma says government has killed terrorist in the south west to release hostages

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: Issa Tchiroma says government has succeeded to neutralize terrorists in the SWR to secure the release of 12 hostages

The communication minister Issa Tchiroma Bakari yesterday issued a release confirming that “terrorists” in the English speaking regions of Cameroon captured 18 persons with 12 Europeans and 6 Cameroonian counselors in Nguti, Manyu Division of the South west region of the country. Issa Tchroma Bakari says they were released following an operation by elements of the national defense force Since on the second of April in Manyu Division of the South West region.

According to the government spokesperson two of the expatriates are from Switzerland and 5 from Italy. He said security forces have succeeded to gun down tens of terrorist, seize guns, hard drugs and explosives in the North West region of Cameroon. He said that the government would not relent in the fight against the enemy.

But to some Anglophone activist have so far denied the kidnapping of 12 expatriates indicated by the government of Cameroon.

Issa Tchiroma’s Release


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