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robert mugabe

Robert Mugabe has been tricked; Zimbabwe is under a Coup d’Etat (Full Video)

Watch the full video of how 93 years old President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has been tricked into thinking that ...
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africa update news briefs

Africa Update News Briefs for the Week in a single Post.

Général Voyages Express addresses message of condolence to victims of Oct 23 accident and debunks claims that it was trying ...
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george weah

LIBERIA: George Weah goes to TB Joshua in a desperate last minute strategy

By Ivo Tangiri George Weah the former football star, who succeeded the first round of the presidential elections in Liberia ...
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Corrupt Police Officers

Corruption Officers Track down corrupt Police Officers on duty (VIDEO)

Corrupt Police Officers who stand by the roadsides and collect money from Transporters and Private Vehicles are now being tracked ...
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Vigilante Group in Malawi have killed 5 People believed to be Vampires

A least five people have been killed in Southern Malawi after they were accused of having links with vampires and ...
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October 1 2017

The UN again hits on Cameroon regarding October 1 2017

The Spokesperson of the United Nations High  Commission for Human Rights (UNCHR) Mr. Colville Rupert has sent a release reiterating ...
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Anglophone Crisis: REDHAC challenges Cameroon government to test

The Central African Human Rights Defenders Network REDHAC has revealed alarming figures of casualties killed in recent outings in the ...
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Ugandan Parliament

Fighting at Ugandan Parliament as ruling party tries to cheat (Video)

There was serious fighting yesterday at the Ugandan Parliament between opposition lawmakers and security officials as the ruling party  was ...
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p square

P Square finally breaks up; Peter Okoye Reveals terrible things

The formidable twin brothers P Square who have dominated the Nigerian Music industry for the past decade have finally and ...
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Giant Golden Galiath

Drama at UNGA: Mugabe calls Trump ‘giant golden Goliath’ (VIDEO)

There was drama at the United Nations General Assembly two days ago when Africa's Longest serving President Robert Mugabe had ...
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Donald J Trump

Donald J Trump meets with African Leaders except Paul Biya (VIDEO)

Donald J Trump President of America yesterday invited some Africa Head States for a meeting yesterday in New York. Most ...
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Donald Trump

Donald Trump Addresses crooked regimes of Central Africa head-on

Donald Trump 's first UN General Assembly speech seems to painfully cut through crooked regimes of Africa including Cameroon. His ...
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GUINEA: Rubbish Dump Collapse buries dozens alive in Conakry

By Ivo Tangiri About eight people have been killed and dozens injured in a rubbish dump collapsed on the outskirts ...
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