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kah wallah says president biya is the cause of all problems in cameroon

All Crisis recorded in Cameroon is caused by President Biya, says Edith Kah Wallah

Forty women of over one hundred arrested while trying to ask President Biya who has been in power for thirty six years to negotiate a peaceful political transition and solve the Anglophone Crisis have been released by Police in Yaounde.

National Coordinator of the Opposition Cameroon People’s Party CPP and former president aspirant Edith Kah Wallah said she had led the women in the March last week to commemorate the International Day of the Woman.

According to her, Cameroon women could not go celebrating against the backdrop of human rights abuses and conflicts that have left hundreds of civilians, separatist fighters and soldiers dead in the two English speaking regions of the Country.

She adds that all crisis recorded by Cameroon is caused by the leader of the ruling party. Standing to restore peace and harmony, Kah Wallah reiterated with emphasis, its imperative in a country where all sorts of atrocities are committed by its leaders without any apologies nor explanations.

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