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CAMEROON: Members of the Constitutional Council to be sworn in today

Members of Cameroon’s constitutional council led by Clement Atangana as President will be officially sworn into office in a joint parliamentary session today March 06 2018.

Joseph Malegho Tasse serves as Secretary General of the Constitutional Council, put in place by the Presidential Decree of February 07 2018. The body was created by law N0. 96/06 of 18 Jan 1996 on the Constitutional Revision of 02 June 1972.

joseph malegho secretary general of the constitutional council

                                                                            Joseph Malegho (Secretary General of the Constitutional Council)

It is a regulatory Organ that works within a number of domains including conflicts involving State Institutions, the State and Regions; and finally between regions, internal regulations of the National Assembly and Senate.

The Constitutional Council also rules on the constitutionality of law, treaties and International agreements to protect the state against its international interference which can sometimes be in violation of state sovereignty.

Section 48 of the revised law makes provision for the council overseeing the regularity of Presidential and Legislative Elections and also referendums. The body is charged also with the proclamation of results of both elections.

A total of 11 members make up the newly created state organ.

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