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clement atangana appointed president of the constitutional council

CAMEROON-Politics: The Constitutional Council meet today to discuss petitions filed by SDF and CDU concerning the just ended Senatorial elections

Members of the Constitutional Council will converge at 11:00am today at the Yaounde Congress hall. The Atangana led council will examine petitions tabled before it by the main opposition party the Social Democratic Front SDF and the CDU to cancel senatorial elections in the South West and the West Regions citing clear irregularities.

Today’s come together runs as from 11:00am and the CDU candidate in the West Region holds that some provisions of the electoral code were violated during the senatorial election on March 25 2018 in some parts of the West Region.

SDF representative files his petition against the regional supervisory commission in the South West Region. Elections results will be proclaimed on or before April 9th 2018.

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