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CAMEROON-Society: General Voyages General Manager debunks claims that 12 lives were lost in Friday’s accident

General Express Voyages accident

The General Manger of General Express Voyages has shed more light on the accident in which his vehicle was involved in, on Friday evening.

According to the General Manager of General Express Voyages, the number of people who lost their lives are 4 instead of 12 as was rumoured on the social media. He called this “Manipulation of the number of deaths” by unscrupulous individuals.

He added on his release that the dead have been taken to the mortuary while the injured are under medical attention.

Read his release:

It should be noted that General Express Voyages is yet to recover from a three months ban due to similar accident made last year on the same stretch of road.

Cameroon–Police: Some 1288 police inspectors yesterday graduated from the police training school in Mutengene

police inspectors graduate from the police school in mutengene

Over 1288 police inspectors graduated yesterday March 23, 2018 from the Mutengene police training academy graduating after 22 months of intensive practical and theoretical training since May 2016.

A ceremony presided over by Martin Mbarga Nguele, the Delegate General for National Security. The graduates were reminded to execute their job in diligence, efficiency and professionalism as they strive to maintain law and order where ever they will be posted to work.

Starting with the number of 1304 students accounting for yesterday,  1288 graduated from the academy  among the 1288 are 1193 Cameroonian police inspectors and 95 Equatorial Guinean inspectors.

“I really enjoyed my stay in school because the place changed me in so many ways, it gave me a lot of discipline which I never had before first for myself and exhibit to respect others. I am so happy for the acquired knowledge though it was not easy, I am now Inspector of Police.

It should also be noted that 6 police were expelled from the training school due to bad conduct.


CAMEROON: Charismatic and horny pastor impregnates six house wives in Ndogpassi Douala

ndogpassi pastor

The entire population of Ndogpassi in Douala, economic capital of Cameroon on March 14 2018 went on rampage promising hell to a charismatic pastor by name Ochonkoro of a famous church who allegedly impregnated six women looking for miracles in their lives.

His deeds were discovered after one of the ladies confessed after being interrogated by her husband. The other five ladies on hearing the news, also confessed that the Nigeria pastor was the father of their unborn babies.

Romantic Pastor Ochonkoro has ever since been out of reach but the police have promised to lay hands on him once a formal complaint has been deposited.

CAMEROON: Young lustful girl caught red handed in her car with corpses of 2 children (Watch video)

lustful girl caught with two dead bodies in cameroon

A young lustful girl was over the weekend caught red handed in Yaounde Cameroon trying to transport the corpses of two young children to God knows where.

According to confessions made by the young girl, the two children were killed in a hotel and handed over to her to transport.

On the other hand, eye witnesses suspect that the act may have been committed by the said young girl who they also suggest is a ritualist.

Nevertheless, the population has been warned to caution children not to collect gifts from people they do not know or follow strangers on their way back from school.

The family of the children are yet to be identified and the corpses handed over to them, while justice will take its course on the girl and the rest of her criminal gang.


WOMEN’S DAY GONE BAD: Deadly Drama at Nkondjock Village

man kills wife at Nkondjock on womens day

The entire population of Nkondjock Village in the Sanaga Maritime Division of the Littoral Region of Cameroon were on March 8 2018 speechless after one of their popular women was brutally amputated by her companion.

The unfortunate woman whose name we got as Mama Bea had her arm cut off by the man she was living with. According to report, the unfortunate woman who sells Puff-puff and beans opposite the Gendarmerie post in Nkonjock was refused permission to go out with her friends on that fateful day by her lover.

As we will have it, the going out temptation was too much for her to withstand and she decided to go against all odds and disobey her Darling. It is reported that at about 11:45PM she decided it was time to go back home.

woman killed by husband in nkonjock cameroon on womens day

Little did she know that her husband was standing behind the door with a well filed machete. As Mama Bea opened the door, the wicked husband bounced on her with the machete dismembering one of her arms.

As she screamed neighbours came to her rescue and alerted the forces of Law and order who intervened and whisked the husband to the police while Mama Bea was rushed to the Hospital where she is currently responding to treatment.

The population of Nkondjock has condemned the wicked act and all forms of violence against women and girls and are calling on the Government to something to that effect.


17 elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion die in a Road accident in Ngaoundere

17 birs in a ghastly road accident in ngaoundere

Yesterday Sunday 25th February 2018 was not a good day at all to the BIR family as 17 of them perished and many moore injured in a ghastly road accident that happened along the National Road No 1 in Ngaoundere.

A loaded truck reported to have been parked for closed to 2 weeks on the same spot was hit from behind by the Bus carrying the Elements of the Rapid Intervention Battalion. The Bus belonging to Narral Travel Agency was damaged beyond repairs.

It should be noted that this is the main Arm Force Division used by the government in the two in the two English Speaking Regions of Cameroon to subdue the population to give up their fight.

Thieves cut off Young Girl’s breast and vagina in broad daylight in Buea

young girl's breast and vagina ripped off in buea

Wednesday 21st February 2018 is a day never to be forgotten by the young Ms. Ajaga Catherine. Reports say the the young girl was found crying after men of the underworld  ruthlessly ripped off her left breasts and vagina area in broad day light.

The entire population of Buea in the South West Region of Cameroon has been panic stricken after this macabre discovery. It should be noted that this sad incident is happening at a time when the area is inundated by security forces due to the Anglophone Crisis that has rocked the area for more than a year today.

Meanwhile critics suspect that those responsible for this hideous act may be desperate unscrupulous individuals who are involved in the trade of body spare parts. However an investigation has been opened by the Buea Police to that effect.

young girl's breast and vagina removed in buea

Barrister Agbor Nkongho yesterday shed more light on his Facebook page on the situation of Ms. Ajaga Catherine who is presently undergoing treatment at the Buea General Hospital.

Bar. Agbor Nkongho: On February 23rd, I mandated the Executive Director and Gender Officer of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa (CHRDA), to visit Ms. Ajaga Catherine, who was found in Buea, violently mutilated during the early hours of Wednesday, February 21st, 2018.

Catherine was urgently admitted at the Buea General Hospital, where she underwent hours of life-saving surgical procedures. She lost her left breast, her vulva was completely removed, meanwhile her right breast was fortunately salvaged by doctors. She went into hemorrhagic shock and the brave doctors resuscitated her, she remains under critical but stable condition.

There are risks of infections, especially in the genital area. Therefore, we call on well wishers to support as Catherine will require further treatment for her wounds and psychological support.

We must do more to protect girls and women from violent attacks and genital mutilation.



Everything that transpired last week in this single post (ENJOY YOUR READING).

news briefs my africa

-Early this week the SDO for MOMO confirms the disappearance of the DO of Batibo and said search is still underway to uncover his whereabouts

-The Defence ministry in Cameroon has confirms the killing of 3gendarmes in Kembong, Manyu Division on February 11th adding that they were brutally murdered by terrorists.

-The head of state celebrated his birthday with the first lady as usual

-Students of the University of Douala begin receiving promised laptops by the Head of State today

-Tens of houses and properties destroyed by security forces last  Feb 13th night in Muea, Buea Sub Division. Some locals testified they were beaten by the men in uniform who came unannounced.

-Jean De Dieu Momo holds the government responsible for escalating violence and said it will take time to restore calm (a problem which to him would have been easy to address if the government reacted promptly)

-Reports from Meme Division said 2 gendarmes were shot early Feb 14th  in Mabounji situated 4 kilometres from Kumba town. Security has been reinforced in the area

-Hon Samba Mariamma, a CDU MP for Noun-Centre dies in a road accident Feb 14th morning along the Bafoussam-Yaounde highway

-Nkwandze Ernest who worked at the ministry of territorial administration apointed the Interim DO Batibo.

-Jacob Zuma gives in to pressure from ANC party heads and annonces his resignation.

-Scandal in front of the Douala City Council as sacked personnel delegates embark on hunger strike to demand for their reintergration and salary. The government delegate, Fritz Ntone told them today that only the court will settle the matter and described their move as unlawful.

-One of the personnel delegates who embarked on hunger strike infront of the Douala City Council developes a malaise and is rushed to the Laquintinie Hospital.

-Calm returns to Kishsong, a village in Kumbo after armed members of an unknown group shot 2 soldiers (1 acting officer and a retired soldier) They are receiving treatment in hospital A civilian,Joseph reportedly lost his life in Kitiwum, 10km away from Kumbo.

-Some 200 students of the university of Bamenda received the PB HEV from the higher Education Minister today. Officials say distribution process continues monday. 500 students are expected to receive the presidential offer in the said University.

-1 person crushed to death in Limbe 16th Feb morning by a trailer which suffered a break failure

-At least 6 people die in an accident Feb 16th night behind SABC in Yde. A Prado vehicle with 6persons on-board collided with a heavy duty truck. Reports say family members of the SG at MINATD including his wife were in the vehicle.  This is the 2nd fatal accident in 3days in Yaounde

-The body of a civilian discovered yesterday morning metres away from the Molyko Omnisport Stadium. The cause of the victim’s death is still unknown but locals have testified there were gunshots in the area last night.

-Godlove GABSIBUIN emerges winner of the 23rd edition of the Mount Cameroon race of hope. He arrived the finishing line 4hours 46Seconds. He came second in last year’s competition which was boycotted by majority of anglophone Cameroonians

-Tatah Carine emerges champion of the 2018 edition of the Mount Cameroon race of hope in the female category