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CAMEROON: Now Meet the Human Being who sells house with his wife and children still living in it

man sells house with wife inside

This is probably one of the strangest things that has happened in a long while. A gentle man in Douala has sold his house without informing his wife and children. After interrogation he now says what pushed him to sell his house when his wife and children were still living in it.

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Africa Update News Briefs for the Week in a single Post.

africa update news briefs
  • Général Voyages Express addresses message of condolence to victims of Oct 23 accident and debunks claims that it was trying to alter company name in order to recommence activities.
  • Transport Minister instructs regional delegates in the West, Littoral and Centre regions to have General Express Voyage audited. He also gives 32 travel agencies plying the Douala-Yaounde highway one month to regularise their status or lose their licences.
  • Yaoundé Military Court declares three journalists: Rodrigue Ntongue, Baba Wame and Felix Ebole Bola not guilty.
  • Agbor Balla says “Kids ought to return to school while inclusive dialogue can only begin after the release of Mancho and Co. I stand for a 2 State Federation”.
  • Honourable Joseph Wirba releases shocking facts and figures on Oct 1 and Sept 22 protests in Anglophone regions of Cameroon. After his independent investigation: 122 died, 150 missing, 1894 injured by gunshots, 16000 internally displaced & 40.000 seeking refuge in Nigeria
  • Cardinal Tumi spits fire: France would organise a coup d’état in Cameroon is an Anglophone wins Presidency; The UN should independently investigate exact number of Anglophones killed so far in the context of the Anglophone Crisis; Fru Ndi Won Presidential Elections in 1992 but was denied Power because he is an Anglophone; Biya gave me his Phone Number but has not been picking my calls; Dialogue without secessionists is no dialogue; more than 80% of Anglophones are for secession.
  • The International Union of Francophone Press UPF is orders the Government of Cameroon to unconditionally release the deposed CRTV General Manager, Amadou Vamoulke.
  • The dormitory section of Presbyterian Secondary School Bafut goes into flames, leaving students in panic.
  • Business persons in Douala condemn the closure of Cameroon-Nigeria Border; say their activities are on a standstill.
  • Cameroon Government officially gives in to visa free policy for CEMAC citizens.
  • 200 Southern Cameroonians cross to Nigeria as fighting continue between forces loyal to the government and civilians standing for restoration of Former Southern Cameroons.
  • Over Five Local Governments Areas in Nigeria currently hosting Anglophone refugees who trekked from NW &SW Regions of Cameroon after soldiers attacked their homes.
  • Cameroon Anglophone Protesters in the United Kingdom reject Agbor Balla; says he is traitor and has been compromised.
  • 17 years old teenage girl accuses celebrated Vision4 Journalist Parfait Ayissi of sodomizing her; reveals shocking details in an interview by Paul Chouta; Parents of assaulted teenage girl take court action.
  • A Cameroonian-born with Swiss nationality strangles his 3kids to death in Yaounde, rushes to the Swiss Embassy and reports himself.
  • Government appoints Ousseni Oumarou to replace Charles Etoundi (murdered late September), as principal of GBHS Foumban
  • Parts of GTHS Kumbo ravished by flames; perpetrators fire 3 shots in the air before committing the act.

CAMEROON-Shocking: Man kills his three children and reports his crime at the Swiss Embassy in Yaounde (VIDEO)

three children

A man has intentionally killed his three children at the Nkondegui neighbourhood in Yaounde before deciding to run to the Swiss Embassy to report himself. Watch the video below.

CAMEROON: Shocking evidences add to the Parfait Ayissi affair

parfait ayissi scandal

As the saying goes, what goes around comes around; another shocking evidence has added to the recent accusation meted on the celebrated Vision 4 Journalist Parfait Ayissi by his 17 years old secondary school lover .

This time the accuser claims to be one of his close acquaintances. She confirms that the 17 years old could be telling the truth in this screen shot. See for yourself

scandal parfait ayissi vision 4

At the moment, Parfait Ayissi has not release any statements to debunk the recent allegations.

Abominati0n:17 years old girl confesses how Parfait Ayissi of Vision 4 practiced perverse sexual activities with her

parfait ayissi

A 17 years old girl has described very vividly how the famous Parfait Ayissi, a Vision 4 Journalist practiced perverse sexual activities with her after promising to secure an internship at Vision 4 Television.

The revelations made by the girl in the interview were shocking and disturbing.

Take a listen

CAMEROON: Now look at what Prince Aime, Cameroon artist does for a living in France

prince aime

It is regrettably sad that Cameroonian Artist Prince Aime who sang the beautiful song titled Vivian is just struggling to live in France. Watch the Video below to discover how he now makes a living in France.

Nigerian Man abandons UK wife, rushes home to get married to Nigerian woman and gets caught in the process

uk wife

A Nigerian Man has been caught hand in glove wedding another lady in Nigeria after abandoning his legally wedded white wife in the United Kingdom. The man Kufre Ukpong was caught by the abandoned UK wife Gills Ukpong who saw recently published photos of the newly married.

The new bride Idongesit Edem, now Idongesit Ukpong seems to have always been in the picture according to revelations made by Gills Ukpong. The UK wife claims to have warned Idongesit that Kufre was already married to her legally but Idongesit did not listen and went ahead to seize her husband.

UK wife

Gills says in a post that she is so sad that her husband is a narcissist, bigamist and such a blatant liar.

nigerian man abandons uk wife

nigerian man abandons white uk wife


CAMEROON: Longue Longue sheds light on his clash with Lady Ponce


In this video, Longue Longue sheds more light on the clash he has with Lady Ponce in the following Video. According to him, his fans and the entire population of Cameroon has to know the truth about everything.

Watch the video below


CAMEROON Music Industry: Something is wrong somewhere; meet famous Clarisse Wopso

Clarisse valerie

The famous Cameroonian artist Clarisse Valerie who invented her own unique music brand and dance style called Wopso is no longer the Clarisse Wopso we use to know. It appears she has been more spiritual lately than humanly needed and this has raised eye browse of many lovers of Cameroonian music. What she does nowadays is quite different from music; she moves with a crucifix claiming she now has a spiritual call from God. Her actions, composure and dressing taste says quite the contrary; many say she might be having psychological problems.

CAMEROON: Bikutsi Star Lady Ponce apologizes for misbehaviour on Social Media (full Video)


Lady Ponce the renowned Cameroonian Bikutsi star has realized that she had over said things on social media which were not supposed to be said. She hereby brings her apologies.

Take a listen to her


NIGERIA: Peter Okoye of P Square releases his first Single; Cool it Down (Watch Music Video)

peter okoye

Watch and enjoy the electrifying single of Peter Okoye, less than two months since he split up with his twin brother Paul Okoye.

CAMEROON: Minister of Transport suspends General Voyages (Full Release)

general voyages express

The Transport Minister in Cameroon has sanctioned General Voyages and the driver involved in the accident last night along the Douala – Yaounde Highway. It should be noted that 15 lives were lost in that accident which occurred in Sombo near Boumnyebel in the Centre Region of the Country.

The Travel Agency has been slammed a three months suspension and the Driver of the 70 seater Bus will cease to exercise his duty within the period of 12 months. Minister Edgard Alain Mebengo’o in a release published yesterday said that the accident resulted from poor overtaking and added that it is not the first of its kind in the same travel agency.


CAMEROON: General Express in a Ghastly Road Accident at Boumnyebel

ghastly road accident

The Popular General Express Inter-urban transport Agency was yesterday night at about 10PM involved in a ghastly road accident along the Boumnyebel Sombo stretch of road.

The 70 Seater bus which was on its way to Yaounde collided with a truck leaving many people dead and many more injured.

ghastly road accident boumnyebel 2

Several other passengers struggled to leave the bus which was partially shattered.