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CAMEROON: Nigeria is not a safe heaven for fugitive Basile Atangana Kouna, Cameroon’s former Minister of Energy & Water

basile atangana kouna arrested

The former minister of energy and water Basile Atangana Kouna was yesterday captured in Nigeria  and whisked back to Cameroon after he attempted to run away following corruption charges.

basile atangana kouna at the airport

The corrupt and highly greedy and tribalistic government official was accompanied back in a special flight yesterday evening .

It should be noted that the said Basile Atangana Kouna last year in February published a controversial list of successful candidates into the Ministry of water and energy. The list was made up entirely of people from his tribe.

His arrest has brought a huge sigh of relieve to Cameroonians.

Operation Sparrow Hawk: More than 20 rascals banned from leaving Cameroon (Consult List)

operation sparrow hawk in cameroon, 20 people banned from leaving the country

Following the operation sparrow hawk presently going on in Cameroon, more then twenty rascals suspected of corruption have been listed and banned from leaving the country. The list came out on the 19th March 2018 in a Communique signed by the Regional Delegate for National Security for the South West Region of Cameroon, NDIE Ngah Jean-Marie

The names:

– ATANGANA Stanislas Victor, né le 1/10/1982 à Obama,

– KOE Jean Parfait, né le 18/4/1963 à Yaoundé,

– MBIDA René Martin,

-NGONO Fidèle Solange, né 2/4/1964 à Yaoundé,

– AWONO ELOUNDOU Vincent De Paul Bertrand né le 11/11/1977 à Doumé,

– NANG Mathurin, né 14/12/1978 à Nanga Eboko

– FOTSO Carim Aubin, né le 24/2/1963 à Bafoussam,

– Abdoulahi ABBA, né le 4/4/1964 à Ngaoudamdji,

– YAKUBU Musa, né le 6/6/1963 à Fundong,

– MOHAMADOU AMINOU, né le 18/3/1967 à Beka Modibo,

– NDOUDOUMOU Jean Jacques, ancien Dg de l’ARMP, né le 20/11/1954 à Mvoutessi,

– ATOU Lazare, né le 28/5/1969 Yemkout,

– AMENGUELE Benjamin, né le 18/8/1962 à Messok-Dja et Lobo,

– MAGA Richard, né le 15/2/1945 à Batie Haut-plateux,

– MFOU’OU Jean Claude, né le 26/6/1959 à Enongal- Mvila,

– ENOW Agbor ENOW KENNETH, né le 23/5/1966 à Tiko-Fako

– AYINA OHANDJA Louis, ex secrétaire d’État auprès du ministère des travaux publics chargé des routes, né le 29/8/1957 à Nkog-Bong,

– ONDOA Magloire, Doyen de la faculté des sciences juridiques et politiques de l’Université de Yaoundé 2, né le 23/9/1959 à Efok,

-MINKOA SHE Adoplhe, Recteur de l’Université de Yaoundé 2, né le 18/4/1955 à Elon,

– MIMBE Paulette epse MVOMO ELA, né le 18/4/1968 à Nyep-Nyong,

– ABA’A OYONO Jean Calvin, né le 2/9/1965 à Foulassi Dja et Lobo,

– BOMBOGO Alphonse né le 9/10/1955 à Assala,

– MBALLA ELANGA Edmond 7, né le 5/11/1977 à Nkolnsoh-Mefouet Afamba


Also see original communique of yesterday’s operation sparrow hawk

operation sparrow hawk in cameroon more then 20 banned from leaving the countryoperation sparrow hawk in cameroon

Although many Cameroonians are happy for this development in the fight against corruption, others are asking the question as to the authenticity the above communique given that it is signed by the Regional Delegate for National Security for the South West Region, and not the Delegate for National Security himself.

Nevertheless all attention has turned towards the arrest and bringing to book of the culprits.




Cameroon Anglophone crises: Prof. Maurice Kamto of CRM blames Paul Biya for escalating the crisis in the NW & SW regions of the country.

Prof. Maurice Kamto says cpdm is benfiting from anglophone crisis

Speaking at a press conference in Yaounde Tuesday the 20th of March 21, 2018, Prof. Maurice Kamto says that the resent march reshuffle which saw the appointments of Paul Atanga Nji and Nalova Lyonga to key government positions will not do a thing to solve the ongoing tension in the two restless regions.

According to Prof. Maurice Kamto President of CRM the silence of the government with regards to the evolution of the Anglophone crisis and the second March cabinet reshuffle is prove that the Biya regime is benefiting from the crisis.

“By appointing Mr Paul Atanga Nji minister of territorial administration the very person who by his provocative remarks and actions had accelerated the transformation from crisis to violent confrontations, President Biya demonstrated that he and his government have a political interest in that this security and social situation goes on. The appointment of Mrs Nalova Lyonga as minister of secondary education in the new government is part of some logic of rejection of dialogue and the reward of violence” says Prof. Maurice Kamto.

The call for urgent inclusive dialogue was made yet CRM is not in support of the resent secessionist movement and kidnappings in the country notably that of the board director chair of the GCE board Prof Ivo Leke.

“In the case of the divisional officer as well as that of the regional delegate, the government kept a terrifying silence. Prof Ivo Leke board chair of the GCE board and about 30 students and persons were kidnapped by armed individuals. The Cameroon Renaissance Movement strongly condemns this kidnappings and killings as well as all other acts of violence and humiliation that accompany them” He adds.

In the roundup declaration of the situation of the Anglophone crisis presented by CRM preside, the attempted assassination of the Party’s vice president Bar. Emmanuel Seam has been denounced and results of police investigations are highly awaited.


Cameroon – Anglophone Crisis: The Minister of Communication announces the death of one of the Tunisian hostages, Khaled Tins

khaled Tins killed in cameroon

An operation led by the Southwest Defense Forces on 19 March 2018 to rescue three other hostages including a Tunisian engineer and two Cameroonian technicians ended in the death of one of the Tunisian hostages by name Khaled Tins.
The minister of communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakari, in a release publish on the 20th of March 2018, Says a special operation led by the Cameroonian forces in Meme Division of the South West region, has released three hostages including a Tunisian specialist who was kidnapped by unknown armed men on March 15th, 2018.

At the end of the operation the mortal remains of a second Tunisian engineer, Khaled Tinsa was discovered, he was assassinated by the kidnappers and four of the terrorists were neutralized.

Khaled Tins colleague liberated in cameroon

The kidnappers had threatened to execute the hostages if a ransom was not paid to them within 24 hours.

In the communiqué the minister of communication reassures the public that the terrorist and their sponsors will be brought to justice while expressing condolences to the family of Khaled Tins and Tunisian Government.

The two Tunisians and the two Cameroonian technicians kidnapped on the Meme-Ndian axis on March 15, 2018, work for the Soroubat Company which operates in public works, particularly the construction of roads, drainage, construction of structures and buildings. Since 2016, the Soroubat has been working on the Ekondo Titi-Kumba road, in the South West Region of the country.









ANGLOPHONE CRISIS: Unknown Men Burn Down Minister Paul Tasong ‘s House.

minister paul tasong house burnt down

Unknown men have burnt down the residence of Minister Paul Tasong just appointed Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development in charge of Plannification. The house was set ablaze by men of the underworld on Sunday March 18 2018 in Mmockbie in Alou Sub-Division, Lebialem Division, South West.

Paul Tasong 's House burnt down


CAMEROON: “Paul Atanga Nji comes to Bamenda to solve the Anglophone Problem”

Paul atanga nji

The same Paul Atanga Nji who argued to near death that there exist no Anglophone Problem was last week in Bamenda to solve the Anglophone Problem. According to him, he was on a dialogue mission which ended successfully.

People have questioned whether the meaning of the word “dialogue” in the CPDM Biyaford Dictionary, 35th Edition, Unity Palace Etoudi, is same as meaning in the Oxford Learners English Dictionary.

Listen to CPDM’s meaning of the word dialogue

CAMEROON: Hon Forbi of SDF & Cavaye Yeguie Djibril clash over questions directed to MINREX at the Assembly

hon forbi

Like Hon Wirba of Jakiri, once more Hon Forbi Simon Nchinda has stood up for the marginalized people of the two English regions of the Cameroon at the National Assembly.

The challenging questions seemed to have been too direct and franc on the issue of Anglophone crisis that the speaker of National Assembly of Cameroon could hardly bare.

The seventy eight years old speaker whose entire family is at ENAM, hushed Hon. Forbi Simon in a bullying fashion disgracing once again the democracy of Cameroon.


Something is cooking in London; “Ambazonians” storm Common Wealth Ceremony

common wealth

It happened on Common Wealth Day 12th of March 2018 in London. As Common Member Countries’ representatives were streaming into the ceremonial ground, “Ambazonians” mobilized and gathered around the corner chanting songs of freedom.

It should be noted that Anglophone Cameroonians in the diaspora have been very influential to the current Crisis rocking the two English Regions of the Country; they have succeeded to permanently institute Ghost Town days in the two regions in an attempt to force the government to accept cessation.

All Crisis recorded in Cameroon is caused by President Biya, says Edith Kah Wallah

kah wallah says president biya is the cause of all problems in cameroon

Forty women of over one hundred arrested while trying to ask President Biya who has been in power for thirty six years to negotiate a peaceful political transition and solve the Anglophone Crisis have been released by Police in Yaounde.

National Coordinator of the Opposition Cameroon People’s Party CPP and former president aspirant Edith Kah Wallah said she had led the women in the March last week to commemorate the International Day of the Woman.

According to her, Cameroon women could not go celebrating against the backdrop of human rights abuses and conflicts that have left hundreds of civilians, separatist fighters and soldiers dead in the two English speaking regions of the Country.

She adds that all crisis recorded by Cameroon is caused by the leader of the ruling party. Standing to restore peace and harmony, Kah Wallah reiterated with emphasis, its imperative in a country where all sorts of atrocities are committed by its leaders without any apologies nor explanations.

STRANGE: 31 years old man kills his 6 months and 7 years nieces in Nkongsamba

two girls killed in nkongsamba

A family in the town of Nkongsamba in the Moungo Division of the Littoral Regions is still finding it hard to believe that their 2 daughters of 6 months and 7 years have departed from this earth after both of the children were sodomized to death by Father’s Cousin (See him below) on Friday.

uncle kills2 girls in nkongsamba

The minors died later on Saturday and the 31 years old suspect is currently behind bars. Reports say the criminal drugged the female kids before his devilish act; when their parents were not at home by the moment he visited.

7 years old girl killed by uncle in nkongsamba6 months old girl killed by uncle in nkongsamba

Many inhabitants have condemned the evil act and any motivations behind it and called on the entire population to be vigilant and denounce any persons they suspect could have tendencies of committing such grievous acts.


The CPP Women ‘s March that has shaken Paul Biya (Details Here)

CPP women arrested during march pass

The women of the Cameroon People’s Party CPP yesterday took to the streets to protest against bad governance and bad management of the Anglophone Crisis by the regime in place.

Threatened by the determination of the CPP women, the forces of law and order were forced to arrest the protesters and keep them in custody for many hours before finally releasing them late last night.

Watch full report and interview with Kah Wallah herself:

ANGLOPHONE CRISIS: Atangana Nji Paul may be running faster than his shadow

paul atanga nji

Many have described the newly appointed Minister of Territorial Administration Atanga Nji Paul as running faster than his shadow regarding the Anglophone Crisis.

They were reacting on social media after the seemingly exited Minister of Territorial Administration emitted another release barely few days after the first one which was directed to DOs, SDOs, and Governors.

In his recent release, he emphasizes on the wrong use of Motor Bikes by Ambazonian Terrorists to kill and kidnap Soldiers and Administrators respectively justifying the temporary banning of Motor Bikes in some localities of the North West and South West Regions of the Cameroon.

See Release

atanga nji paul new minister of territorial administration

atanga nji paul release on motor bikes