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CAMEROON-Politics: Defense Council of Basile Atangana Kouna, Former Minister of Water and Energy wants case dropped!

basile atangana kouna arrested

The defense council of the deposed minister of water resources and energy, Basile Atanga Kouna wants legal proceedings against the latter to stop. According to the defense council, the deposed minister had in 2015 reimbursed the over 1.7 billion Fcfa he embezzled from state coffers.

Read the release from the defense council of Basile Atangana Kouna

Basile Atangana Kouna


CAMEROON-Sports: 8 Athletes on mission to 2018 Commonwealth Games disappear into thin air (Photos)

Cameroonian athletes go missing at the commonwealth games in Queensland

Eight Cameroonian athletes have disappeared to “God knows where” in Queensland Australia. The athletes who went to Queensland to represent the country went missing yesterday according to the head of the Cameroonian delegation at the Commonwealth games.

It should be noted that this is not the first time athletes are disappearing during games. In 2012 during London Olympics 7 went missing. In 2006 in Melbourne Commonwealth Games, 9 disappeared.

See the disappeared athletes below:

This non-stop disappearance of Cameroonian athletes from International games attests the unstable state of affairs in the country as a whole.

Read the statement from the Head of Mission

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: “THE ANGLOPHONE WAR” by Ayah Paul Abine

ayah paul abine on the anglophone war

One of the main queries directed against my famous post about prisoners of war was whether Mr. President did declare war against Anglophones or against Anglophone “secessionnistes”. This question appears to be uncalled for, save to the extent that there is the ulteriour motive to taunt.

It is common knowledge that actions speak better than words. Granting that Mr. President specifically mentioned Anglophone “secessionnistes”, can the killings and destruction from the actual prosecution of the war, apparently with the tacit approval of Mr. President, be said to be collateral damage? This question appears to answer the question!

We have all heard Mr. President praise the army for their prosecuting the war with “restraint and professionalism”. In other words, the burning alive of persons in their sleep; the razing to the ground of entire villages; the destruction of foodstuffs; the massacre of fleeing civilians are all within the international humanitarian norms of war…

It therefore all means that all such victims are “secessionnistes”. I cannot bring my mind to the remotest imagination that the innocent young girls in my orphanage that was attacked and riddled with bullets are “secessionnistes”. Nor that my compound and its occupiers that were attacked with a barrage of gunshots are! Who dares to hold to the contrary in the face of such direct, arrogant confessional and stupid statements by Mr. President’s representative in Meme Division that they (officials/officers) do burn down villages, and that they would continue so to do wherever and whenever necessary? So houses too are Anglophone “secessionnistes”?

To my mind (speaking for myself), what is going on on the ground is an “Anglophone War” even if Mr. President initially intended it should be otherwise. And his praising the army publicly for what they are doing on the ground appears to be conclusive evidence that Mr. President has departed from his initial design!


Source: Ayah Paul Abine’s Facebook Timeline

CAMEROON-Operation Sparrow Hawk: More than 40 state agents barred from leaving the country

martin mbarga nguele delegate of national security

The Delegate General of National Security  Martin Mbarga Nguele also known as the sparrow itself is still making moves in the air looking for stubborn chicks to pick.

This 4th April 2018 Martin Mabarga Nguele signed a confidential report prohibiting about 40 state agents of doubtful conduct from leaving the territory of Cameroon.

Consult their names below:

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: churches burned, grandmother burned to death at home, civilians shot and Mungo Ndor village besieged by the army

On Tuesday, April 3, 2018 the Cameroonian military attacked and burned several homes in Mungo Ndor, a small village located about 40km away from Nguti in Koupé-Manengouba. Ms. Egbe Maria Ndonge, well known as Mami Maria was burned to death in her house, while she was asleep.

Residents of the village confirmed that local churches have been burned.

We have received reports of 6 civilians shot and reports of killings of civilians in the village. Intentionally killing civilians and destroying civilian property constitute war crimes and this should be thoroughly investigated.

The village has been besieged by the army, villages are not allowed to move in or out, with hundreds hiding in the forest for safety.

We call on the government to allow journalists and human rights organisations have access to these regions.

Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa strongly condemns killings and burning of civilian property by the Cameroonian military.

Agbor Balla

—CENTRE for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: Chris Anu, Ambazonia’s own Issa Tchiroma threatens to leave the struggle

chris anu threatens to leave the struggle

The Ambazonian Secretary of State for Communications and IT,Chris Anu, A.K.A. Ambazonia’s own Issa Tchiroma has written a bitter letter threatening to quit the struggle for statehood if the current direction is not changed.

According to the Ambazonian Secretary of State for Communication and IT, the present turn of the Anglophone Crisis is not what was bargained for.

Chris Anu says in his release that a revolution does not kill its own people and condemns the abduction and alleged killing of Pastor Animbom Aaron also a Social Welfare Delegate in Bamenda who was abducted in Batibo while returning from a funeral service.

He also frowns at the way Ayaba Cho lucas is managing the Ambazonia Defence Forces; says Ayaba Cho is doing so for fame and not for the good of the Ambazonian people.

Read Chris Anu’s  letter below:

CAMEROON-Politics: Barrister Akere Muna reviews his plans to get young people participate in upcoming elections

Barrister Akere Muna

Barrister Muna Akere discloses his plan of action for the Country in Yaounde yesterday. The vision of the NOW Movement a platform for a new republic has expanded to all 360 municipalities and opposition political parties that adhere to its operations are on an increase.

The movement’s president Barrister Muna Akere is aiming at achieving a Cameroon where health care services will be guaranteed, transportation means be advanced, transparency will be the watch word for the administration such that citizens can adequately and freely have information about the management of the country’s natural resources.

For all the to be real, Barrister Muna Akere insists that the youths across the national triangle must be determined to take up leadership positions and equally occupy majority of the opposition in upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections.

“I am pushing the NOW Movement to come up with young people who can really be candidates in parliamentary and municipal elections. This year we are going to elections that are not going to be moved by the constitutions” says Barrister Muna Akere.

In a gathering with media professionals, Barrister Muna Akere used the opportunity to express his view on the ongoing operation sparrow hawk which has recently caught Cameroonians stock administrators like the former minister of Water and Energy resources. He decries the level of corruption in the country which must be fought from individual levels to national level.


CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: Anglophone crisis extends to Fongo-Tongo of the West Region

fongo tongo

Inhabitants of Fongo-Tongo a locality in Menoua Division of the west region of Cameroon have deserted their homes to safer neighbouring localities due to the extension of the Anglophone problem from Neighboring English speaking zones. The schools in this area have been abandoned, businesses grounded and streets abandoned to security forces as tension waves from the South West region of the country spread to the area.

“No peace in the South West region no peace in its neighboring localities like Fongo-Tongo in the Menue division of the West region of Cameroon” says an angry Fongo Tongo inhabitant.

When the South West sneezes Fongo-Tongo catches cold reasons why security forces are stationed along roads to check who goes in and out of the French speaking locality. Locals have decided to desert their homes and the usual busy area has turned to a graveyard; only sounds of birds on trees are heard.

Very few people and motor bikes use the roads and children have been without schooling two years now with risk of becoming irresponsible in the future. The Francophone’s believe there is problem in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon reasons why they that are affected.

They plead on the government to solve the crises immediately through dialogue for them to remain united with their fellow Anglophone brothers and sisters.

The Anglophone crises is known to be escalating on daily bases with regrettable consequences; yet nothing is being done to bring it to an end.

Some Cameroonian international peace activists have gone baffled if ear drums of government authorities in Cameroon have been closed impeding them from hearing the calls for inclusive and genuine dialogue in order that peace returns in the nation.

CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: Issa Tchiroma says government has succeeded to neutralize terrorists in the SWR to secure the release of 12 hostages

issa tchiroma says government has killed terrorist in the south west to release hostages

The communication minister Issa Tchiroma Bakari yesterday issued a release confirming that “terrorists” in the English speaking regions of Cameroon captured 18 persons with 12 Europeans and 6 Cameroonian counselors in Nguti, Manyu Division of the South west region of the country. Issa Tchroma Bakari says they were released following an operation by elements of the national defense force Since on the second of April in Manyu Division of the South West region.

According to the government spokesperson two of the expatriates are from Switzerland and 5 from Italy. He said security forces have succeeded to gun down tens of terrorist, seize guns, hard drugs and explosives in the North West region of Cameroon. He said that the government would not relent in the fight against the enemy.

But to some Anglophone activist have so far denied the kidnapping of 12 expatriates indicated by the government of Cameroon.

Issa Tchiroma’s Release


CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: Excited Meme SDO tells Chiefs to bring back subjects from bushes and receives unexpected response

Meme SDO, Chamberlin Ntou’ou Ndong.

Excited Meme SDO yesterday gathered Chiefs of his jurisdiction and asked them to bring back their subjects taking refuge in bushes. His organised meeting is coming barely few days after the visit of the minister of territorial administration Paul Atanga Nji who called on chiefs of the two Anglophone regions of Cameroon to take their responsibilities and ensure that Anglophone Cameroonians that are currently seeking refuge in bushes regain their respective localities.

The Meme SDO in the South West region of Cameroon encouraged families, parents as well as children that have escaped to other safer localities to return to their respective villages in a meeting with chiefs that took place yesterday in Meme.

It should be noted that several villages have so far been deserted in Meme division as a result of increasing tensions between security forces and some yet to be identified armed individuals.

According to the Meme SDO Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlin the road from Ekondo-titi to Kumba was considered the economical road for Meme division but today it is not the case anymore.

“All the villagers have run away into the bushes including all the contractors. Nobody is there that is why I think that it is time for us to bring them back to ensure that all those villages be resettled by their population. We know also that the all the foods in general was coming from this same road now that the population have decided to run away it will be difficult for us to have food in the months ahead if nothing is done. Generally I know that like a father they are going to follow what I gave to the chiefs as instruction. Am going to do my best to follow my instructions from the Head of state”.

The meme Chiefs on their part gave an unexpected condition to the young Ntou’ou Ndong Chamberlain of the South West Region. According to the Chiefs, the withdrawal of the security forces and the creation of a safe environment with the locality is first step towards the “come back my people” campaign.

Critics have now questioned whether the Government of Paul Biya being what it is, can “stoop so low” and respect the conditions given by the Chiefs to withdraw the Military Forces from the localities of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon.

It should be noted that this is not the first time a call like this has been made by both local and international bodies to the Government.


CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: The disturbing state of affairs in the two Anglophone Regions of the Country

state of affairs in two anglophone regions

The four minutes video below is an excerpt from Equinoxe Television showing the devastating state of affairs in the two Anglophone Regions of the Country.

Sit back and watch the story as the journalist takes you through some disturbing areas of the the anglophone community.

Source: Equinox Television

CAMEROON-Politics: The Constitutional Council rubbishes SDF and CDU petitions regarding Senatorial Elections

constitutional council rubbishes petitions by sdf and cdu

The senatorial elections petition filed by Njenje Valentine of the Social Democratic Front and Youmo Koupit Adamou of the Cameroon Democratic Union CDU political party of Adamu Ndam Njoya has been rejected by the constitutional council.

That of Njenje Valentine was rejected on grounds that he is not competent enough to file any petition to the Constitutional Council because only a candidate, a political party or a state agent can do so. He is not any of the above according to the Constitutional Council.

The Constitutional Council equally said that the petition tabled by Youmo Koupit Adamou of the CDU political party was not founded on the grounds that it is lacking convincing facts.

It should be noted that the Social Democratic Front Councilor in Tiko Njenje Valentine took the petition to the Constitutional Council after observing what he calls irregularities during the Senatorial Elections in the South West Region of Cameroon.

He is aware that the decision of the Constitutional Council is final but he called it a sham and insisted that several irregularities marred the 25th of March 2018 Senatorial Elections in the South West Region of the Country.

“They are the highest court in the land and this decision is not susceptible to any appeal. The most interesting thing is that the facts contained in our petition were so incontrovertible, urgent and water-tight. Those facts remain stubborn that what took place in the South West as far as the Senatorial Elections were concerned are a sham” says Njenje Valentine

“I myself as an elector, on the eve of the elections I received a call that I should leave my residence and check into a Hotel room in Limbe for my security. From the administration of Fako Division, I was informed that March 25th will be doom’s day; that they received information that Councilors were going to be attacked in their homes. All of us were quarantined and caged all over the Region. That is what happened” he adds.

Njenje Valentine continues… “Under this situation, the elections can never be free and fair. The Governor compounded the facts by forbidding the movement of persons all over the South West region on the 25th of March and the Governor’s order was contravened by a high place official of the CPDM who took electors by helicopter from Dschang to Menji to go and vote. I think we don’t deserve that in Cameroon; that is not an election”.

“Since I had all the facts with me, and I am a member of the Regional Supervisory Commission designated by the party to represent its interest at the Regional Supervisory Commission and I took my responsibility and I filed the petition. I did not file this petition on my own frolic; I consulted with other top party stalwarts and they gave me the go ahead. We have no regrets as far as that is concerned and the only thing we have to say is that the struggle continues; the struggle for free, fair and transparent elections, the struggle for a democratic Cameroon continues” says the Tiko Municipal Councilor.

On the other hand, Youmo Koupit Adamou Senatorial Candidate of CDU  in his petition requested the Constitutional Council annuls elections in the West Region for violation of some provisions of the electoral code and the substitution of candidates without prior notification.