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CAMEROON ANGLOPHONE CRISIS: In case you missed the 6:00PM News on the 23rd on Equinoxe (VIDEO)

The 23rd is a day Anglophone Cameroonians will never forget. SDF MPs say nothing will go on in the House of Assembly untill the Anglophone Crisis which is presently in its acute phase is put on the table as priority for discussion.

Watch the details of what transpired at the House of Assembly in the video below:

CAMEROON: Now Meet the Human Being who sells house with his wife and children still living in it

man sells house with wife inside

This is probably one of the strangest things that has happened in a long while. A gentle man in Douala has sold his house without informing his wife and children. After interrogation he now says what pushed him to sell his house when his wife and children were still living in it.

Enjoy the Video

CAMEROON Anglophone Crisis: Now see why SDF boycotted the first Plenary Session of the National Assembly Yesterday

Watch this edition of Pidgin news to understand everything that transpired at the first plenary session of the National Assembly yesterday which made Cavaye Yege Gibril very upset. This and more brought to you by Ambassador.

Sit back and relax while you enjoy this video.

CAMEROON Anglophone Crisis: Equinox Pidgin News 14th Nov 2017

In case you missed this edition of Pidgin News, you can still re-watch  the developments on the Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon. See how fire ravages another school in Bamenda.

Watch full Episode of the News

Robert Mugabe has been tricked; Zimbabwe is under a Coup d’Etat (Full Video)

robert mugabe

Watch the full video of how 93 years old President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe has been tricked into thinking that the army is only targeting criminals around him who are committing crimes that are causing social and economic suffering in the Country.

Enjoy full video


CAMEROON Anglophone Crisis: Governor Okalia Bilai A.K.A. “Dog Man” of SW Region releases funny Communique; says curfew starts at 7:00AM in the Evening


The Big man of South West Region, Governor Okalia Bilai A.K.A. Dog Man of the South West Regions of Cameroon has released a funny Communique stating curfew in the Region starts at “7:00AM in the Evening”.

Read Full Release

Thunder strikes 21 students at Bepanda Douala, Equinoxe Pidgin News 10/11/2017 (Must Watch)

Wonders shall never cease to end in Douala. The rains of yesterday in the economic capital of the country didn’t just come and go without a trace; the thunder that came with it stroke 21 students of the Government Bilingual High School Bepanda. The students were rushed to the Achah Clinic where they are currently receiving medical attention. Get this and more stories in this episode of the news.

FACTS: Listen to what Amadou Ahidjo said Concerning Reunification with Southern Cameroons (VIDEO)

amadou ahidjo

In this Radio interview granted by Amadou Ahidjo pioneer President of the Republic of Cameroon to a French Journalist Jacques Chancel, the former President made it very clear the challenges involved in reunification of both Cameroons. He points out how delicate it was to govern the two states.

Take a listen to his prophetic messages:

CAMEROON Anglophone Crisis: Pidgin News on Equinoxe Television with ambassador (VIDEO)

Watch your favourite news programme on Equinoxe Television anchored by the popular host AMBASSADOR. Sit back and relax while he brings the world to you in just 25 minutes.

Enjoy your viewing

CAMEROON Anglophone Crisis: In case you missed it; 6:00PM News on Equinox TV yesterday

6:00PM News

Watch this 6:00PM news and get the details and analysis of what happened in the North West Region of Cameroon this week leaving three uniform officers dead.

The Presidential Excellence Award has started at the University of Bamenda

Presidential Excellence Recognition award

The Vice Chancellor has signed a release inviting meritorious students to start collecting their Presidential Excellence Recognition Award. Professor Theresia Nkuo-Akenji signed the release last week.

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