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CAMEROON-Business: The first edition of the international Business and Trade fair (FIAC) has been opened Douala

international business tradefair in douala

The first edition of the international Business and Trade fair (FIAC) has been opened in the economic capital Douala by the minister of trade Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana. The event is destine to valorize Cameroon made products and it is taking place at the Club Camtel complex.

Douala being the economic metropolis of Cameroon by its demography and diversity of commercial actions will for over two weeks play host to the first edition of the international business and trade fair (FIAC) which will serve as an opportunity for small and big companies to exhibit their knowhow. While opening the trade fair, the minister of trade Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana representing the prime minister stress on the fact that this is an opportunity for the promotion of Cameroon made products which will have it place.

From March 24, 2018 to April 8 FIAC will provide the economic capital with an international trade fair offering high visibility to its products in a bit to encourage local consumption as well as to contribute to the development of new promotional tools for the benefits of the productive sectors given the fact that it is positioned as the cross road of producers and buyers.

CAMEROON: Customs officers at the Douala Sea Port intensify the fight against illicit goods entering the Country

Customs Officers


As days go by the Customs Officers are intensifying the prevention illegal products from entering the country. On Monday yesterday August 21st 2017, a total of 4042 pallets of imported beers and 12,760 liters of fuel were seized by customs in Douala.

Sources say the deal was almost perfect as the smugglers took time to conceal their loots in 20-foot and 40-foot  containers, the drums of fuel were transformed to that of crude palm oil and it was embalmed in order not to smother the strong odor of the fuel to fraudulently cross the customs post.

According to reports, the customs officers were first attracted by the heavy loads of containers at customs post, above all the consistency of the observations of the carriers. This made them to note that something fishy was going on.

The loots were seized locked and kept in the customs premises at the port of Douala. It should be noted that this fight against smuggling has intensified at the customs level. This foretells well for the national economy which over the years lost hundreds of billions franc caused by this imports which have been unfairly competing with home local industries.

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CAMEROON: Camair-Co makes an Inaugural flight to Bamenda

The first technical flight of Camair-Co to Bamenda airport in Bafut, in the North West region of Cameroon took place today the 4th of July 2017.

According to the management of the company, the flight took place as a prelude to the first commercial flight which is expected to take place on the 20th of July 2017 but say it is not fixed.

“Camair-Co will serve Bamenda three times a week: on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Passengers will have to pay from XAF 32,000 round trip”, reports the company’s sales department. The test flight took just 45 minutes from Douala to Bamenda.

Camair-Co in its restructuring strategy has since 1st of June expanded its activities with the opening of new domestic destinations and the launching of a new tariff policy with a reduction in the cost of flights, especially towards the regions of Adamawa, North and far North regions.

CAMEROON: Cameroonians in the Diaspora say there is need for significant policy changes to enable them invest in the country

The Cameroon Diaspora forum ended yesterday under the patronage of President Paul Biya. The event saw over 400 Cameroonian from 28 different countries  calling on the government for drastic policy changes to favour investment back at home. They were speaking yesterday as they presented social security related projects to the Minister of Labour and Social security, Gregoire Owona. They also took the commitment to work hand in glove with the government in order to build a strong and prosperous nation.

According to Tumenta Kennedy, there is need to implement the resolutions arrived at during the forum for lasting impact and development of Cameroon.

His Excerpt: “We strongly recommend that the forum for the diaspora be elevated to a permanent institution and platform that holds every two years whose objective will be to foster the partnership between the government and its diasporas to promote all aspects of Cameroonians abroad and to facilitate and enhance the participation of diasporas in all aspects of national development”.

CAMEROON: Jay Ireland of General Electric Africa says Cameroon needs a reliable energy and Transportation system

President Paul Biya of Cameroon yesterday held talks with the President and CEO of General Electric Africa, Jay Ireland. The meeting which lasted close to one hour saw the President and his guest exchanging views on the manage on various areas of interest in Cameroon including Electricity, Transport and Aviation. According to Jay Ireland, he is poised to accelerate growth through a wide range of solutions that will support Cameroon’s rapid infrastructure transformation. His excerpt with the President: “We discussed a number of projects and here in Cameroon we are looking at power generation, health care, rail and aviation transportation. All of these are areas that we operate in and there are a number of projects on the infrastructure needs of Cameroon. It is important that every country has a portfolio of generation that they can rely on especially with Hydro, gas and transmissions systems”.