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constitutional council rubbishes petitions by sdf and cdu

CAMEROON-Politics: The Constitutional Council rubbishes SDF and CDU petitions regarding Senatorial Elections

The senatorial elections petition filed by Njenje Valentine of the Social Democratic Front and Youmo Koupit Adamou of the Cameroon Democratic Union CDU political party of Adamu Ndam Njoya has been rejected by the constitutional council.

That of Njenje Valentine was rejected on grounds that he is not competent enough to file any petition to the Constitutional Council because only a candidate, a political party or a state agent can do so. He is not any of the above according to the Constitutional Council.

The Constitutional Council equally said that the petition tabled by Youmo Koupit Adamou of the CDU political party was not founded on the grounds that it is lacking convincing facts.

It should be noted that the Social Democratic Front Councilor in Tiko Njenje Valentine took the petition to the Constitutional Council after observing what he calls irregularities during the Senatorial Elections in the South West Region of Cameroon.

He is aware that the decision of the Constitutional Council is final but he called it a sham and insisted that several irregularities marred the 25th of March 2018 Senatorial Elections in the South West Region of the Country.

“They are the highest court in the land and this decision is not susceptible to any appeal. The most interesting thing is that the facts contained in our petition were so incontrovertible, urgent and water-tight. Those facts remain stubborn that what took place in the South West as far as the Senatorial Elections were concerned are a sham” says Njenje Valentine

“I myself as an elector, on the eve of the elections I received a call that I should leave my residence and check into a Hotel room in Limbe for my security. From the administration of Fako Division, I was informed that March 25th will be doom’s day; that they received information that Councilors were going to be attacked in their homes. All of us were quarantined and caged all over the Region. That is what happened” he adds.

Njenje Valentine continues… “Under this situation, the elections can never be free and fair. The Governor compounded the facts by forbidding the movement of persons all over the South West region on the 25th of March and the Governor’s order was contravened by a high place official of the CPDM who took electors by helicopter from Dschang to Menji to go and vote. I think we don’t deserve that in Cameroon; that is not an election”.

“Since I had all the facts with me, and I am a member of the Regional Supervisory Commission designated by the party to represent its interest at the Regional Supervisory Commission and I took my responsibility and I filed the petition. I did not file this petition on my own frolic; I consulted with other top party stalwarts and they gave me the go ahead. We have no regrets as far as that is concerned and the only thing we have to say is that the struggle continues; the struggle for free, fair and transparent elections, the struggle for a democratic Cameroon continues” says the Tiko Municipal Councilor.

On the other hand, Youmo Koupit Adamou Senatorial Candidate of CDU  in his petition requested the Constitutional Council annuls elections in the West Region for violation of some provisions of the electoral code and the substitution of candidates without prior notification.


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