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CAMEROON-Anglophone Crisis: Anglophone crisis extends to Fongo-Tongo of the West Region

Inhabitants of Fongo-Tongo a locality in Menoua Division of the west region of Cameroon have deserted their homes to safer neighbouring localities due to the extension of the Anglophone problem from Neighboring English speaking zones. The schools in this area have been abandoned, businesses grounded and streets abandoned to security forces as tension waves from the South West region of the country spread to the area.

“No peace in the South West region no peace in its neighboring localities like Fongo-Tongo in the Menue division of the West region of Cameroon” says an angry Fongo Tongo inhabitant.

When the South West sneezes Fongo-Tongo catches cold reasons why security forces are stationed along roads to check who goes in and out of the French speaking locality. Locals have decided to desert their homes and the usual busy area has turned to a graveyard; only sounds of birds on trees are heard.

Very few people and motor bikes use the roads and children have been without schooling two years now with risk of becoming irresponsible in the future. The Francophone’s believe there is problem in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon reasons why they that are affected.

They plead on the government to solve the crises immediately through dialogue for them to remain united with their fellow Anglophone brothers and sisters.

The Anglophone crises is known to be escalating on daily bases with regrettable consequences; yet nothing is being done to bring it to an end.

Some Cameroonian international peace activists have gone baffled if ear drums of government authorities in Cameroon have been closed impeding them from hearing the calls for inclusive and genuine dialogue in order that peace returns in the nation.

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