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Barrister Akere Muna

CAMEROON-Politics: Barrister Akere Muna reviews his plans to get young people participate in upcoming elections

Barrister Muna Akere discloses his plan of action for the Country in Yaounde yesterday. The vision of the NOW Movement a platform for a new republic has expanded to all 360 municipalities and opposition political parties that adhere to its operations are on an increase.

The movement’s president Barrister Muna Akere is aiming at achieving a Cameroon where health care services will be guaranteed, transportation means be advanced, transparency will be the watch word for the administration such that citizens can adequately and freely have information about the management of the country’s natural resources.

For all the to be real, Barrister Muna Akere insists that the youths across the national triangle must be determined to take up leadership positions and equally occupy majority of the opposition in upcoming parliamentary and municipal elections.

“I am pushing the NOW Movement to come up with young people who can really be candidates in parliamentary and municipal elections. This year we are going to elections that are not going to be moved by the constitutions” says Barrister Muna Akere.

In a gathering with media professionals, Barrister Muna Akere used the opportunity to express his view on the ongoing operation sparrow hawk which has recently caught Cameroonians stock administrators like the former minister of Water and Energy resources. He decries the level of corruption in the country which must be fought from individual levels to national level.


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