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Free Learning! Africa Update Academy (AU Academy) is an international online free learning hub created to help millions of people over the world to learn at their own convenience and comfort. It is structured to impart learners with real time knowledge of important professional courses like Accounting, Marketing, Information and Communication Technology, Business Management, Human Resource Management and Banking & Finance. It is designed to favour learning both in remote regions where internet is a problem as well as those regions with good connection. It is a hub of equal opportunities and no former qualifications are required to enroll.

How does our free learning work?

AU free learning Academy uses the traditional Email as its free learning interface. Learners who are interested in taking a course on our hub must send an email to with a cover letter stating clearly his/her motivations and the course he/she intends to learn. If the learner is accepted on our hub, he/she is given access to learning resources based on his/her area of interest.

The learner is at each time given lecture notes only for the module he/she chooses at that time.  The learner is also invited to create an account on the hub so as to be able to share other resources with other learners. Once the learner is confident that they can sit for the examination, they must notify us through an email so that he/she will be scheduled.

Once a learner sends an email to us indicating the module(s), we will send him/her a private examination time table to be strictly followed. Only one module is written per session and sessions are programmed for Saturdays only. Learners are awarded certificates only when they complete all four necessary modules that make up the course. Welcome to free learning!

Free Learning Courses and Modules


Module 1: Principles of Accounting

Module 2: Recording and presenting financial data

Module 3: Non-routine transactions and audit preparation

Module 4: Financial tools for effective management

Banking and Finance

Module 1: Introduction to Banking and Finance

Module 2: Financial Statement Analysis

Module 3: Financial Management

Module 4: Credit Management

Business Management

Module 1: Foundations of Management

Module 2: The Business Environment & Organizational Behaviour

Module 3: Financial Management

Module 4: Strategy


Module 1: Introduction to Marketing

Module 2: Consumer Behaviour

Module 3: Marketing Communications

Module 4: Service Marketing

Information and Communications Technology

Module 1: Word Processing

Module 2: Spreadsheets

Module 3: Databases

Module 4: Desktop Publishing

Human Resource Management

Module 1: Need for Human Resource Management

Module 2: Matching HR Needs ad People

Module 3: Recruitment, Selection & Developing People

Module 4: Developing a Healthy work   environment and employee relations

 Lecture Notes

Lecture notes are sent to learners on request, i.e. once the learner has sent an email to us requesting the commencement of the course, lectures on the module will be sent to him/her.

Course Duration

Learners are expected to complete the courses they choose in 8 weeks from the date of commencement of studies. Failure to finish within the stated period of time the whole course will be cancelled. Learners can only suspend studies when a suspension note is sent to the examination board. The note should clearly stipulate the duration of the suspension. This suspension note must be approved by the course examiner before it will take effect.


How you get your certificates

At AU Academy learning and sharing of learning resources are free and Learners are expected to finish all course modules before their certificates are mailed to them through their email addresses.

AUA Membership

Africa Update Academy maintains a membership record for all its laureates. To qualify for the AUA Laureate Program, the learner must have completed 2 courses with AUA hub with at least an overall grade average of 3 out of 4 for each course.

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